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Free Shakespeare Plays And Poetry

To truly see what William Shakespeare has to say to our present age, we must first read what he wrote. Download free Shakespeare plays and poetry from the Folger Shakespeare library.

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This page provides brief summaries of all William Shakespeare’s sonnets, plays, and poetry. Also included are download links to free copies of these works from the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.. All items are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license. You may read, share, search, cite, or download any item for non-commercial purposes provided:

William Shakespeare Plays And Poetry

Available items include 16 comedies, 11 history plays, 12 tragedies, Lucrece, Venus and Adonis, and over 150 sonnets. Simply click on the underlined titles to download the items you desire. All content is grouped alphabetically by category with a brief description to make items easy to find and download. Enjoy.

William Shakespeare’s Comedies

  1. (1602-1603) All’s Well That Ends Well
  2. (1599-1600) As You Like It
  3. (1592-1593) The Comedy Of Errors
  4. (1594-1595) Love’s Labour’s Lost
  5. (1604-1605) Measure For Measure
  6. (1596-1597) The Merchant Of Venice
  7. (1600-1601) The Merry Wives Of Windsor
  8. (1595-1596) A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  9. (1598-1599) Much Ado About Nothing
  10. (1608-1609) Pericles, Prince Of Tyre
  11. (1593-1594) The Taming Of The Shrew
  12. (1611-1612) The Tempest
  13. (1599-1600) Twelfth Night
  14. (1594-1595) The Two Gentlemen Of Verona
  15. (1612-1613) The Two Noble Kinsmen [with John Fletcher]
  16. (1610-1611) The Winter’s Tale

William Shakespeare’s Tragedies

  1. (1606-1607) Antony And Cleopatra
  2. (1607-1608) Coriolanus
  3. (1609-1610) Cymbeline
  4. (1600-1601) Hamlet
  5. (1599-1600) Julius Caesar
  6. (1605-1606) King Lear
  7. (1605-1606) Macbeth
  8. (1604-1605) Othello
  9. (1594-1595) Romeo And Juliet
  10. (1607-1608) Timon Of Athens
  11. (1593-1594) Titus Andronicus
  12. (1601-1602) Troilus And Cressida

William Shakespeare’s Histories

  1. (1596-1597) Edward III [html only]
  2. (1597-1598) Henry IV, Part I
  3. (1597-1598) Henry IV, Part II
  4. (1598-1599) Henry V
  5. (1589-1590) Henry VI, Part I [with Christopher Marlowe]
  6. (1590-1591) Henry VI, Part II [with Christopher Marlowe]
  7. (1590-1591) Henry VI, Part III [with Christopher Marlowe]
  8. (1612-1613) Henry VIII
  9. (1596-1597) King John
  10. (1595-1596) Richard II
  11. (1592-1593) Richard III

William Shakespeare’s Poetry

  1. A Lover’s Complaint
  2. Lucrece
  3. The Passionate Pilgrim
  4. The Phoenix And The Turtle
  5. Venus And Adonis

William Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare Sonnets

William Shakespeare Biography

For more on William Shakespeare’s life, check out my William Shakespeare Biography Page.

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